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Date Latest Updates

Changed over the Whiteside website to a new format.
Revised Queries topic format and text so it appears to be less confusing
Removed Whiteside search feature in the Available Searches topic as it now on the main page.

12-31-2017 Added Military topic and added Ilinois Soldiers and Sailors Home Residents list to the Military topic as submitted by Norma Hass.
12-20-2015 Changed Searches topic to Available Searches
Removed broken link People Search - Genealogy Resources
Combined the three separate searches in the Available Searches topic to display on single page
Updated text format throughout web site
4-29-2014 Removed AtomZ search as company has closed and added Google Search to Searches topic.
1-5-2014 Added AtomZ search feature to Searches topic.
Added People Search - Genealogy Resources to Searches topic.
Added links to all searches in Searches topic on main page.
Formatted text and spacing on all pages in the Whteside website.
12-26-2013        Added link to St. Mary's Cemetery index from the Tampco Historical Society.
6-14-2013 Added Fulton Township cemetery to Cemetery Locations & Photographics topic.
3-25-2013 Removed header graphic
Moved Whiteside county facts from separate topic in Navigation Tree to main page.
Updated formatting on all pages.
3-16-2012 Added Denise Wranik McLoughlin as resource to the Look Ups and Resources topic.
2-29-2012 Removed AtomZ site search in the Searches topic as it is not working. Added Google site search.
Added header graphic.
5-21-2011 Changed topic title Query Submissions & Archives in Navigation Tree to Query Archives.
Added page header graphic to all pages.
Added Submissions to this Web Site & Queries with links to main page.
Added Searches link to main page.
1-24-2011 Updated information for the Tampico Area Historical Society in the Historical & Genealogical Societies topic as submitted by Denise McLoughlin.
Revised link for the Tampico Memorial Cemetery in the Cemetery Locations & Photographs as submitted by Denise McLaughlin. 
11-6-2010 Changed topic name from Family Web Sites to Look Ups and Resources. Removed broken links and Look Ups shown previously without an email address or current web site.
Added new web site with description to Look Ups and Resources topic as submitted by Dave Needham. 
5-10-2010 Changeover of Whiteside site to new county coordinator and new Treepad format.